2021 National Partnership Opportunity

  • Low Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Celebrity Talent
  • National & Local Reach
  • Significant Reduction of Marketing Costs
  • Access to Hyper Targeted Email Databases


In Partnership With:


Gain exclusive access to a consolidated media package with the launch of our radio integrated social gaming platform.

MyGameRoom has partnered with Cumulus Media (owners of Westwood One) to provide tens of millions of weekly listeners with the ability to listen to radio stations live while playing their favorite casino games to win cash and prizes that include tickets to live events as well as free trips to destination casino resorts.

  1. Receive a consolidated multi-platform media package
  2. Reduction in user acquisition costs
  3. Reduction in radio and digital marketing costs
  4. Reach a vastly underserved market
  5. Access to celebrity social media promotions
  6. Access to premium targeted email databases
  7.  Customizable call-to-action campaigns
  8. Flexible realtime messaging
  9. Multi-platform distribution (radio, internet, social media, press releases, live events including award shows and step-and-repeats)
  10. Measurable daily & monthly active user data
  11. Capture forensic data around player's behavioral patterns
  12. Access to develop customized free to play sports betting games
  13. Instant US market exposure both nationally & locally
  14. Access to large syndicated networks & programming (450+ Owned and Operated · Cumulus stations + 8,800 WWO stations)
  15. Local on-air talent endorsements
  16. Be the exclusive destination casino for all prizing and MyGameRoom radio giveaways
  17. Call-to-actions that will drive customers to your gaming properties
  18. Increase all social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with call-to-actions
  19. Ability to integrate free to play games (MyGameRoom) into your web-based platforms

Showcase your brand on over 100 radio station websites nationwide launching their MyGameRoom integrations on August 1st.


On-Air & Celebrity Promotion

Radio station on-air talent and celebrity guests promoting games and contests with call to actions.


Traffic Driven to Gaming

Web and mobile activations to local radio station websites with MyGameRoom integration.


Engagement with your Brand

Listeners are engaged in free-to-play sports betting games to win cash and prizes including free tickets to live events and fully comped trips to casino destinations.

Utilize celebrity star power & unique prize giveaways for your brand.


Distribution across 100+ stations nationwide.

The My GameRoom launch will generate tens of millions of impressions across a variety of Cumulus/WestwoodOne's country and sports media assets including on-air, digital, social and contesting. Promotions will include hundreds of on-air spots per station per week and digital assets.


Listeners will be able to predict the outcomes of sports games to win tickets to see their favorite teams play in person!


Title sponsor will receive the following benefits up to 12 months starting August 1st, 2021:

  1. Partner presents My GameRoom.
  2. Partner logo integrated into My GameRoom on over 100 radio stations' websites.
  3. Exclusivity for casino giveaways.
  4. Partner mentions in all press releases.
  5. Partner will appear along with My GameRoom on all step and repeats at all live events.
  6. On-air Assets Weeks 1-12: 7,200 30sec spots (600 spots on 20 stations per week)
  7. On-air Assets Weeks 13-52: 12,000 30sec spots (300 spots on 20 stations per week)
  8. Digital assets & inclusion on over 100 Cumulus radio stations' websites

Thank you.

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